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Healthier Buildings as a Climate Solution for Chicago

At a time when we’re seeing extreme heat, droughts, floods, and other weather disasters due to climate change, it’s never been more important to take action on climate locally.

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Ending Chicago’s Sacrifice Zones

Gina Ramirez and Myrna Salgado-Romo take a look at what it will take to challenge the legacy of structural racism in Chicago that has led to the creation of sacrifice zones.

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We Need Lead Service Line Replacements, not Chicagwa

Chicago has a drinking water crisis. We have almost 400,000 lead service lines in our city, the most out of any major city in the nation.

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Earth Day to May Day 2022 - Illinois Open Letter

The ten day period between Earth Day and May Day is a platform of solidarity and shared struggle between environmental, labor, and immigrant rights groups.

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Reform Racist Permit Process In Order To Build A Healthier Southeast Side

Gina Ramirez reflects on the Stop General Iron victory, and looks ahead at the future for Environmental Justice in Chicago's Southeast Side.

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Just Because We are Poor Does Not Mean We Should Be Treated Poorly

Members of the Southeast Environmental Task Force were recently invited to an event hosted by the Poor People's Campaign in Madison, WI. Here we republish the speech Oscar Sanchez gave at the event.

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When the People fight, the People Win: Reflections on the Stop General Iron Hunger Strike

Last month the City of Chicago denied the final operating permit for General Iron. Read from community members as they reflect on the hunger strike that brought this fight to national attention.

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Neighbors For Environmental Justice Fight for Clean Air in McKinley Park

Neighbors For Environmental Justice (N4EJ) formed in 2018 as a reaction to a newly constructed asphalt plant operating in McKinley Park without community input or knowledge.

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