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The Chicago Environmental Justice Network is a coalition bringing together neighborhood-based, grassroots, frontline environmental justice organizations working throughout the Chicago metropolitan area in frontline communities.

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Our Members

Neighbors For Environmental Justice

The purpose of Neighbors for Environmental Justice is to educate, advocate and organize with our community to accomplish environmental justice on the southwest side of Chicago.

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Southeast Environmental Task Force

SETF is an environmental nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the southeast side and south suburbs of Chicago by promoting environmental education, pollution prevention, and sustainable development.

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People for Community Recovery

People for Community Recovery's mission is to enhance the quality of life of residents living in communities affected by environmental pollution. PCR educates and advocates for policy and programs in an effort to coordinate with local residents on issues of the environment, health, housing, education, training, neighborhood safety, and economic equity.

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Little Village Environmental Justice Organization

The mission of LVEJO is to organize with our community to accomplish environmental justice in Little Village and achieve the self-determination of immigrant, low-income, and working-class families.

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Blacks in Green

The mission of Black in Green is to promote the 8 Principles of Green Village Building, a whole-system solution that can transform the whole-system problem common to Black communities everywhere.

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Recent Articles

Healthier Buildings as a Climate Solution for Chicago

At a time when we’re seeing extreme heat, droughts, floods, and other weather disasters due to climate change, it’s never been more important to take action on climate locally.

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Ending Chicago’s Sacrifice Zones

Gina Ramirez and Myrna Salgado-Romo take a look at what it will take to challenge the legacy of structural racism in Chicago that has led to the creation of sacrifice zones.

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We Need Lead Service Line Replacements, not Chicagwa

Chicago has a drinking water crisis. We have almost 400,000 lead service lines in our city, the most out of any major city in the nation.

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