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Educators in Chicago’s Southeast Side Demand New School Building After Ceiling Partially Collapses in their High School

TUESDAY, Chicago Southeast Side educators, students and community members will host a press conference urging Chicago Public Schools (CPS) to provide a new building for George Washington High School after a recent storm caused severe damage to the school. As a result of the damage, a portion of the ceiling partially collapsed which resulted in injuring a staff member at the school.

Educators at the school had previously raised concerns about conditions at the school including concerns about asbestos, lead pipes, poor ventilation, and lack of working windows.

Speakers will also be pointing out the years of disinvestment in Chicago’s public schools, which include the failure to provide proper safety conditions inside of the buildings on the South and West side.

When: Tuesday, June 21, 2022, at 11:00 a.m. Central Time

Where: Streaming at (email for zoom link)


• Moderator, Donald Davis, Teacher at GWHS, Outgoing LSC Teacher Rep

• Chuck Stark, Science Teacher at GWHS, LSC Teacher Rep

• Arianna Farias, Security Guard and Coach at GWHS

• Nelly Ramirez, GWHS Parent

• Oscar Sanchez, GWHS Alumni, LSC Community Rep

• Trinity Colon, Recent GWHS graduate

• Destiny, GWHS Student

• Marcelina Pedraza, GWES Parent, UAW member


The 10th Ward has typically been the dumping ground of the city, and pollution from over 100 years of industry has left us with poor land, water, and air quality. Meanwhile Chicago Public Schools and the City of Chicago vow to take action on global warming by creating new buildings that are carbon-neutral and environmentally friendly. Now is the time to honor that commitment to a more healthy world by investing in two new school buildings and athletic facilities for the 10th Ward. With Chicago Public Schools still flush with federal COVID relief monies, there is no excuse for the students and staff of George Washington High School and George Washington Elementary to be expected to learn and work in crumbling and overcrowded buildings.

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